It’s finally October! Finally spooky time! I use this time to watch all the horror movies I or my family can possibly stand this year with all the entertainment streaming platforms will give me. This should be a doozy of a season. Which brings me to my list of some of the scariest I've seen and would like to share them with you.  

This doesn’t necessarily mean “gory”, but a lot of it is psychological with the added bonus of gore.  

Most of these can be accessed in some way or another through streaming services. My favorite services to troll around in are Tubi and Shudder.  

The Exorcist 3: Legion. This takes place 17 years after the first movie, ignoring the events of the second movie. Where a demon jumps bodies to murder and gives the Priest from the first movie clues to what he is an who he murders. This bone chilling story makes you second guess if real evil exists. 

The space epic Event Horizon, A Space retrieval mission that went wrong when they figure out this ship bends the fabric of time and brings back the worst evil imaginable. A great watch for anyone who loves Sci Fi and a better one for horror. 

The Hitcher from 1986. An instant classic with the late Rutger Hauer and C. Thomas Howell. As the title says it’s about a hitcher (Rutger Hauer) who is picked up by a diver (C. Thomas Howell) and it’s discovered that the hitchhiker is a total creep and is relentless across a highway system across the country leaving bodies in his wake. This is one of the first horror movies I saw when I was younger and scared me due to its plausibility.  

As Above, So Below. 2014 movie under the plot of a found footage movie with a documentary crew heading down into the catacombs of France where its loosely based on the seven rings or layers of hell where they have to descend to the darkest depths to find their way out. If you’re familiar with the French catacombs in Paris, you know of what’s down there, it adds to the horror when they also encounter the worst of visions.  

Last but not least is Hush from 2016. This takes place at a rural residence where a hearing impaired author lives her best life writing books and living easy until a killer decides to invades her space with what he thought was going to be an easy target. Dawned with a mask, he makes his presence known through pictures and text messages sent directly to the victim. He seems to have the upper hand until she decides to fight back.  

Hopefully this leaves people with a good start to a sweet Halloween season spooky marathon.  

Leave your comments in our social media with your favorite scary movies. 


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