Here in Cascade County, our elected officials and some citizens are trying to ban the sale of recreational marijuana in Cascade County, even though a majority of Montanans voted FOR legalization of recreational pot, for the second time, in 2020. 54% in favor, 46% against.  I haven't been in school for a long time, but 54 is a larger number than 46.

Ever wonder why there are so many cannabis shops on the "Green Mile" or "The Loop"?  Because our county decided before it was even on the ballot to zone it in the industrial I-2 District North of Great Falls.  Before asking us what WE wanted.  Which tells me they knew how a majority would vote.  AGAIN, a small few are speaking louder than the many.

Now, the city is being sued by a distributor for being kept out of town.  I say more power to them!  The laws for legal pot are stricter than for the 75 bars and casinos that Google tells me are in Great Falls.

Tammie Toren/Townsquare Media
Tammie Toren/Townsquare Media


Meanwhile in Eastern Montana

Billings, in Yellowstone County, tried to ban sales earlier this year.  They failed, miserably. 57% of voters want legal pot in Billings.  How many times do we have to vote for the others to just accept it, like they'd expect us to do if they succeed in the ban in Cascade County.

Ballot wording can be problematic

Beware when we do vote on marijuana, AGAIN.  Wording can be tricky on initiatives.  On the example I've shown you (which has not been finalized), if you are AGAINST pot sales in Great Falls, you would vote FOR it.  If you are FOR pot sales in Great Falls, you would vote AGAINST it.  See, you can't even trust your first instinct.


The way I see it, if you're going against the voters wishes, your constituents, you need to be voted out.  But that takes all of us voting.  So many residents complain, but somehow can't make it to vote, when their voice is actually heard.  Or is our voice only being heard, when it's singing the song of the 46%?  First, we make our voices heard on recreational marijuana, then, maybe we keep a running tab of the elected officials who are forwarding the agenda of the minority, and vote them out, FINALLY.

I'll keep you up to date on how this progresses before the election in November. I have a lot to say.

Hey, are you registered to vote? will get you all registered so you're locked and loaded for election day.

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