Ah, the 4th Of July. Barbeque, red, white, and blue, explosions, the smell of gun powder...nothing says "America" quite like the 4th.

For many, the 4th of July is their favorite Holiday. I know folks that go all out with the fancy matching plates, cups, and napkins all in a patriotic theme. They'll turn some sort of dessert into what looks like the American Flag, and of course, color-coordinate their outfit for the big day.

So that got me thinking: What is your favorite holiday?

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There are several to choose from. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Year's.  There's Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Memorial Day, and Labor Day as well. Plus a few other days that aren't necessarily holidays, but we celebrate them nonetheless.

Close-up of lit up Christmas lights
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For me, that's an easy one. I'm a Christmas guy. I love everything about Christmas.  The tree, the music, the food, the decorations, the presents.  To steal a line from a famous song, "it's the most wonderful time of year".

However, I have a ton of friends that absolutely love Halloween.  They go all out and decorate their homes, plan out their costumes months in advance, and some even host huge parties. Others love the simplicity of a holiday like Thanksgiving, where you get together with your family and friends and enjoy a meal together while reflecting upon the things you're thankful for.

Halloween party with children wearing costumes
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We want to know which Holiday is your favorite.  You can vote in our poll below:

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