A whole new Batman is coming to HBO Max: Aztec Batman.

The streaming service announced at the Guadalajara International Film Festival that they are producing a new feature-length animated movie titled Batman Azteca: Choque De Imperios, which translates to Aztec Batman: Clash of Empires. The film is being developed in partnership with Mexican animation studio ÁNiMA.

Here’s the the plot of the film, which gives a little backstory on exactly who Aztec Batman is....

In the time of the Aztec Empire, Yohualli Coatl - a young Aztec boy  - experiences tragedy when his father and village leader, Toltecatzin, is murdered by Spanish Conquistadors. Yohualli escapes to Tenochtitlan to warn King Moctezuma and his high priest, Yoka, of imminent danger. Using the temple of Tzinacan, the bat god, as a lair, Yohualli trains with his mentor and assistant, Acatzin, developing equipment and weaponry to confront the Spaniard invasion, protect Moctezuma’s temple, and avenge his father’s death.

Sure sounds like an Aztec version of Batman all right.

After the closure of the DC Universe streaming service, HBO Max became the primary streaming home for DC Comics movies and shows. Right now they have literally dozens of Batman titles available to stream, from big-budget movies like The Dark Knight to family-friendly titles like LEGO Justice League to a slew of other direct-to-video animated movies. (The ones where Adam West and Burt Ward reprise their roles as Batman and Robin from the old 1960s TV series are really entertaining.)

HBO Max is also producing a live-action Batgirl movie (which will also feature Michael Keaton’s Batman, returning from the ’90s Tim Burton films and his upcoming appearance in The Flash) as well as several spinoff television series from the recent movie The Batman. So Aztec Batman should fit right in.

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