Could you imagine hosting the top basketball schools in an NCAA tournament regional in Bozeman? The atmosphere would be electric.

The NCAA Tournament just started for men's and women's college basketball, and people are excited. Anything can happen in this tournament. We have already seen massive upsets, and the atmosphere has been wild.

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Everyone is excited to see what the Montana State Bobcats can accomplish against the Kansas State Wildcats. The Montana State game has been viewed as a possible upset matchup, and the people in Bozeman would be partying all weekend long if they make it further into the tournament.

Montana State Men's Basketball via Facebook
Montana State Men's Basketball via Facebook

As much fun as it is to watch the NCAA Tournament on TV, it's an incredible experience if you have ever been to one of these games in person. That got us thinking, why hasn't Bozeman ever hosted a regional site for the NCAA Tournament?

Is it because we are too small? That doesn't make sense. Smaller markets like Boise and Spokane have hosted opening-round regional games for both the men's and women's tournaments.

USC v Michigan State
Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Growing up in Polson, I distinctly remember Missoula hosting an NCAA women's opening-round regional matchup. So this begs the question, could Bozeman host an opening round regional matchup? We think so.

Bozeman has grown as a city rapidly over the past decade, but one of our best assets is the airport.

The Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport is the busiest in Montana. The airport has flights from all over the county coming daily, and passenger traffic has grown yearly.

Utah State v Missouri
Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

So if we had to have teams coming from California, North Carolina, Michigan, or other states won't have a problem reaching Bozeman.

Bozeman showed off what kind of gameday atmosphere we can provide. ESPN visited Bozeman for College Gameday during the Brawl of the Wild game, and it was a huge hit.

If Bozeman ever hosted an NCAA Tournament regional, it would benefit the local economy. Hosting a regional for either the men's or women's tournament would also give all the young kids growing up in Montana the to see some of the best players and teams in the country perform live in front of them.

You can't beat an experience like that. Trust me.

Hopefully, Bozeman will be able to host an NCAA Tournament regional. It would be an incredible experience for locals and all the kids who want to play college basketball one day.

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