You're in your car about to hit the town,  or go on a long road trip. What exactly do you listen to?

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It maybe tough sometimes on a few different levels, you don't necessarily want to listen to a playlist that you've burned through heading to work everyday, Coffee isn't the only thing that keeps you alert on the open road, and if you have kids, do you want listen to Cocomelon or anything of that sort repeatedly for an extended period of time?

Probably not.

I didn't put together a list of favorite songs necessarily, but stuff that's catchy, sometimes car involved, and has a steady beat to keep you awake and alert.

I kept some of my own choices off, some honorable mentions include Slayer, Metallica, assorted death metal, and some hip hop groups.

Important factors.

Like I said earlier, it has to have a steady beat, rhythm, intensity, and I think it has to be somewhat familiar. Half the battle is keeping that energy up, and singing is pretty great when it comes to staying alert.

Put It together

A long playlist is pretty important as well. Curation is key. It's important to take the time and put your favorite hype songs together and it should have some length. It's kind of hard to choose more music while you're driving and if you pass the player to someone else, it just may wreck your vibes unless your co-pilot is on the same level as you are.

This gallery should be a good jumping point to get started, and remember, the shuffle button is your friend as well.


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