Some bands rock, and others rock so hard you'll leave the venue pregnant. That band is Steel Panther and they are going to ooze 80's metal all night at the Northernquest Casino.

If you have been to a Steel Panther show in the past, skip this part and scroll down to the concert info section. If you haven't, you're going to want to read this part.

Steel Panther isn't your average rock band. It's like these guys have been stuck in 1986 since 1986. And they bring every bit of 80's butt rock to the stage. Do you remember those days? Tight spandex, 5-minute extended guitar solos, bleach-blonde hair, catchy riffs, and songs about girls, girls, and more girls. But, wait! There's more! Along with their raunchy, hilarious songs, these guys might as well be top-billing comedians. In between songs, you'll be crying from laughter. Seriously.

Copyright Rockstar Radio
Copyright Rockstar Radio

From their humble start in the Los Angeles Club scene, Steel Panther has skyrocketed to Rock fame over the years and has been an underground favorite for many singers and celebrities. A quick google search will show you videos of everyone from Vince Vaughn to Billy Ray Cyrus have taken the stage with the Glam band belting out their favorite hits. Even top-tier rockers like Myles Kennedy have jammed with them!


So what's the deal with the concert? Check it out.

Steel Panther "On The Prowl World Tour" Live at The Pavillion at Northquest Casino  (100 North Hayford Road, Airway Heights/Spokane Washington)

Time/Date: April 20th @ 7:30 pm.

Price: $49 not including fees. Tickets can be purchased HERE.

Find that badass jean jacket, tune up that Camaro, and let's party like it's 1987!

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