I will be the first to admit, I love peanut brittle. I'll accept it for a gift anytime anywhere.


What I didn't know is that Montanans love peanut brittle and now I feel at home as a Montanan even more so than before.

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January 26 was National Peanut brittle day. I just learned about this day and I'm staring at the clock for 5pm to roll around so I can go waste my money on lots of delicious, golden, peanutty peanut brittle. I fortunately do not have to share because I'm the only one in my family who loves it.


According to Wikipedia, Brittle is a type of confection consisting of flat broken pieces of hard sugar candy embedded with nuts such as pecans, almonds, or peanuts, and which are usually less than 1 cm thick.

I found some information on reddit that took me to a website called The Cultural Currents Institute.

Montana Loves Peanut Brittle

According to this website, Montana is ranked #1 in Peanut Brittle love rankings. it goes to explain that Montanans lead the nation in the highest peanut brittle themed web searches. Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas and or neighbors Idaho  Close out the top 5 states who search for the tasty treat.

According to the website, this was created as a happy accident in the late 1800's when someone poured baking soda into taffy by mistake.

Boom! Best invention ever (according to me).

On the other end of the spectrum, Washington DC although not a state ranks the lowest in peanut brittle searches.

C'mon D.C. Get with the program!

I'll leave you with a quick Peanut brittle recipe from you tube to get your journey started.


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