There is an endless amount of content that is available at the click of a button. With technology these days, a person can watch just about anything from the comfort of home. Before, a person would have to shuffle around a movie rental store for hours looking for the perfect movie to take home. Now, you can simply scroll through a streaming service and be watching a movie in minutes. This opens up the opportunity to watch movies that you may have never given a second look at in the past.

Just recently, I discovered a Tom Hanks movie on Amazon that I have never heard of before. It is a movie from 1986, which was shortly after Tom Hank's breakout role in the movie "Splash." It is also around the same time that Tom starred in some of my other favorites like "Money Pit" and "Bachelor Party." Except this movie was far different than the roles Tom was used to playing. The movie is one of Tom's first drama/romance roles.


"Every time We Say Goodbye" is a romance film that takes place during World War II

According to Wikipedia

Lt. David Bradley (Tom Hanks) is an American pilot who joins the Royal Air Force (RAF) before the United States enters World War II. After his North American P-51 Mustang is shot down in North Africa, he recovers from a leg injury in Jerusalem. During his recovery, David meets Sarah Perrara (Cristina Marsillach), a serene girl of Spanish Jewish descent.

When Lt. Bradley first meets Sarah, he informs her that he is the son of a Protestant minister from Missoula, Montana.

The movie soon turns into a "Romeo and Juliet-style" story. As Sarah's parents disapprove of her seeing a man who is not of the Jewish faith. And Lt. Bradley does everything he can to convince her otherwise.

I have to say, it is not one of Tom Hank's best roles. And the movie is kind of cheesy. But, it is pretty cool to hear an American treasure like Tom Hanks utter the words "Missoula, Montana."

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