Everyone likes an old sit-down restaurant for lunch, it’s like a field trip, like, you're skipping work or school. However, not everyone has the time to wait for seating, extensive menus, appetizers, or a “gourmet” meal.  

That’s where “pub food”, “bar food”, whatever you call it comes in. A place where you can find a pork chop sandwich, a burger, or a simple salad to eat. You can belly up to a bar get something in ten minutes, eat up, and go on with your day. Against my better judgement of a balanced lunch, I go there quite often to have lunch with my grandfather, and I suppose I inherited my love of these from him. I know now where I can get a decent meal fast and I know it’ll be delicious.    

This is a list of yes, pub food. Grilled, Barbecued and fried. 

All Delicious.   

There are many places here in town but these are the good ones from my personal experience picking places with my grandpa, he’s a picky dude so only the best when it comes to lunch. Some of these menus evolve or are going to evolve in the future so I say very little of what they have. Just know that you can step in and give them a try. There may be some I left out such as good places on the outskirts of town, but I tried to limit it to the greater Great Falls area.  

Leave your comments on social media whether you like these places or not. Better yet,what's your favorite bar for lunch?  

Good Pub Feeds in Great Falls

Bars in town that have the best and most expedient lunches


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