To start off. My wife owns the actual property, but after we got married, I became the official groundskeeper. Mowing the lawn in the front, back, boulevard, and out past the fence. Watering, weeding, maintenance and repair. Now, I'm not afraid of a little work, don't get me wrong, I can put in the elbow grease.

Up until now, I've had people and landlords to take care and make my humble abode look stunning without me even lifting a finger. This is something I kind of got used to. My last landlords have beautiful gardens and luscious lawns that they take pride in and do the upkeep to stay sharp in their twilight years. They have a sort of zen that I can appreciate, and now trying to understand. Grass, weeds, and other landscaping as been a learning curve this summer.

I’m not too open to using weed killers, although I’ve used them once, which did not work. Maybe I was using them correctly and my weeds are just hefty, or I didn’t. Regardless, I like to wet the ground and pull everything by hand. Those chemicals are harmful to body and earth, and pulling weeds helps with keeping the body moving and practicing that zen thing I was talking about earlier. I also like using the battery powered tools, including the weed eater and a lawnmower without an engine or motor. I do have a gas powered mower for the big stuff. With more routine cutting, I shouldn't need it too often.  

I’ve always felt lawns were a waste of time, energy, resources, and earth. Now, I still think it’s a slight waste of time, but now I feel its for aesthetics, and fire prevention in our ever-hanging climate just racking, pruning and cleaning around the property. It’s a hobby, routine, and appreciation I’m settling into.

I might be too late this year to get a luscious, well fertilized lawn. However, I will be ready next year.

Wish me luck.

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