Summer is always my favorite season to spend in Montana.  Even when I lived in Oregon, I made sure to come home in the summer, either July or August, because nothing beats a Montana Summer.  I don't know if it's because our longish winters make us miss the outdoors (for those of us who don't play in the snow, I mean) or it's just how spectacular it is in the state this time of the year.  Sure, it's hot.  But it's a different hot here.  Maybe because we don't have as much humidity so hot isn't as awful as it was just a couple weeks ago in Boston. It wasn't even as actually hot in Boston as it was here but it was just heavy, sorta wet and kind of miserable.  I love my Montana, especially in the summer.

Recently, I asked you all to send in pictures of your summer vacation under the big sky.  You DID NOT disappoint!  I love the variety, the smiles, and of course the amazing scenery.

We got some fun and unique submissions.  From ziplining in Glacier to picking Cherries in the Flathead, checking out Hungry Horse Dam, and over to Holter and then down to Lil' Loon Lake and allll the Great Falls stuff in between. The air show, The fair concerts, 4th of July parade, and even just folks out on the deck enjoying the day.  The way we do it here in Montana, with family, good friends and under that big, blue Montana sky!

Enjoy the gallery! It's all you!

Summer in Montana 2022

Listeners pictures of their excellent Montana Summer

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