It seems like America is drowning in fake news.

Fake news: From, word for word

1. False news stories, often of a sensational nature, created to be widely shared or distributed for the purpose of generating revenue, or promoting or discrediting a public figure, political movement, company, etc.

2. A parody that presents current events or other news topics for humorous effect in an obviously satirical imitation of journalism

3.  Sometimes Facetious(used as a conversational tactic to dispute or discredit information that is perceived as hostile or unflattering):

Going into mid-term elections and with the last January 6th hearing (that we know of) behind us, it's time to have a talk about spotting written fake news and fake news casts and fake news casters.

Keep in mind, a news report that slants the story, or edits out the parts that don't feed into their agenda, that, too, is fake news.  They're just better at it than most.

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Fake news is a lieGiving you half or just tidbits of the story is fake news.

On the Internet

If you're reading an article, several sites like mindtools and Freedom Forum Institute suggest these things, and they're worth noting.

1.  Go into finding news with a critical mindset.  By doing this, you're not so easy to fool.

2.  Check the source.  Usually, if it's a parody site, that will become crystal clear on their contact us page.

3.  Read past the headline.  The headline is there to hook you into reading the article.  The actual story could be entirely different.

4.  Check the URL.  A lot of sites that specialize in fake news will use a URL that they think you're comfortable with.  Example, This is a fake news site trying to get you to trust them by disguising themselves as The Hill. The actual site for the hill looks like this,

5.  Is anyone else reporting the story?  Even if it doesn't have the slant you like, is anyone else reporting it?  If the answer is no, you've likely been duped.  In this world, having the scoop on any story is literally minutes.  Minutes.  Nobody is the only one with the story anymore.

6.  Does the story read like a journalist wrote it?  Are there misspellings and improper language?  Yes?  Then this is a fake news article.

7.  Are there any actual quotes or sources that you can search and find anywhere else?  (Other than sources like Breitbart or Mother Jones that specialize in fake news.) Do the pictures look a little funky?   If you can't find it, this is a fake news article.


Before I share my knowledge, know I despise Fox News and MSNBC for employing commentators that pass themselves off as journalists.

When it comes to TV news and newscasters, if their network specializes in one party or another, chances are you're being fed fake news on a regular basis.

Real news isn't the news that validates your wants, needs or feelings.  Real news serves up facts with a side of sources.

On the radio

If your newscaster only features interviews from certain public figures that are blatant about their political views and tend to pander to those who hold the same, you're being fed fake news.

If your newscaster only features soundbites from public figures on one side of the aisle, unless it's unflattering, you're being fed fake news.  Especially if these newscasts are on a station that caters to one party over another.

Where do I find real news

There are 2 sites I highly recommend that have never ever once in their entire existence published a fake news story:  They are The Associated Press and Reuters.

You can argue this with me until you're blue.  And believe it or not, some will swear they're just another cog in the liberal/conservative agenda.  Which tells me, they're people that 1.  Can't or refuse to think critically and 2.  Only want "news" that validates their feelings.

On TV, the only one I've ever seen that can be trusted all the time is The News with Shepard Smith.  I know, he used to be on Fox.  However, this is the most unbiased news cast I've come across in ages, aside from your headline news shows and Reuters TV news.  This is only my opinion. If you want a real trip, listen to BBC News where America isn't the lead story most of the time.  It's a real eye opener.

Stop letting "them" control your mind.  Stop letting "them" control your information.  You've got everything you need to be well informed with TRUTH. If you continue to let this gas-lighting continue, then it's on YOU.

If there's one thing I've learned in the last 7 years, it's the importance of truth to the masses.  If it were my decision, any broadcaster who put out false information more than once would be stripped of the privilege of BEING a broadcaster. However, early in my career, they took away the need for a license to broadcast.  In my opinion, one of the biggest mistakes the FCC has ever made.  And that's saying something.

There would not have been an insurrection if there were standards in broadcasting. And if you're arguing about the insurrection, that's an entirely different bag of cats. I don't even feel sorry for you anymore.

Protect yourself, protect America.  Care enough to get real news,


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