Since its release on Tuesday, The Munsters on Netflix, directed by Rob Zombie, has been watched and criticized with great color. The announcement of the prequel movie has been anticipated and talked about since last year. I finally came out on streaming services and the internet has had plenty of time to watch and give their two cents. 

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Some are raving, but a lot of it is ice-cold. The predictions based on the previews of this movie were ice-cold, I even had my doubts. The Netflix feature fell flat among the many horror pages I follow on social media, saying that it just didn’t make the cut.  


I found the movie to be pretty good. Campy, but quite good. The story moved along, the characters were familiar, and it brought me back to the show when I used to watch it on reruns back in the day. Rob Zombie is known for his gruesome dialogue heavy movies such as 3 From Hell, The Devil’s Rejects and 31, This is still dialogue heavy, but a light hearted movie with that Rob Zombie feel. Don’t get me wrong, nothing can replace Fred Gwynne as Herman Munster, but Jeff Daniel Phillips does a pretty swell job. The spotlight here shines on Dan Roebuck, he played Grandpa so well that I at time forgot he’s stepping into the great shoes of Al Lewis. Spectacular! I could argue this is Roebucks best role, but I could be wrong, who knows. 


Rob Zombie’s The Munsters is now on Netflix just in time for Halloween and to cleanse your pallet after that Dahmer show. Check it out and comment on social media. 

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