Years ago, our pal Leif, former frontman for Walking Corpse Syndrome, had a craving for a proper tater tot casserole. He reached out to social media for suggestions on how to make the best tater tot casserole. Soon after he wrote the message, he passed out. But, when he woke the next day, he had people battling over who had the best recipe.

Check out Leif's cooking skills

That sparked the music/food festival we call TOTFEST. A festival that features live performances from rock and metal bands while celebrating all things TATER TOTS. This action-packed "spud-tacular" is happening again this year, and we are looking for your band to be a part of it.

Just imagine...A food/music festival featuring a constant stream on heavy metal music both indoors and outdoors over the course of an entire day and late into the night. It is pretty AWESOME to see. Not to mention, ALL THE TATER TOTS you can eat.

If you want to get your band in front of hundreds of people. Plus meet tons of other bands from around the PNW. And, score heaven points by helping raise money for charity. WIN/WIN situation.

Visit the official Totfest website and submit your band's information for a shot at being one of our featured bands.

As with every TOTFEST, we are gathering not only to rock out and eat potato scraps. But, we also are scoring heaven points at the same time. TOTFEST began as a way to have fun while raising awareness and funds for great causes. Join us and over a dozen other bands as we gather to show everyone just how amazing Missoula's local music and metal scene really

Missoula TOTFEST 2022 Photos

Gallery Credit: KC