Can you still sing your High School "fight song?" I catch myself randomly singing mine in my head, and I recently surpassed my 20-year High School reunion. For some reason, that song is one of the few things that hasn't fallen off of the shelf in my head.

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No matter where you went to school, it holds a special place in your heart. If you competed in sports, chances are you still have issues with the crosstown rivals. The point is, most people have an allegiance to their Alma Mater, and believe it is the best High School in the state.

US News recently released its annual report on the Best High Schools. Researching data based on different metrics like:

  1. College Readiness 

  2. State Assessment Proficiency

  3. State Assessment Performance 

  4. Underserved Student Performance 

  5. College Curriculum Breadth 

  6. Graduation Rate 

Montana High Schools didn't rank very high in many of the categories. With most of Montana's High Schools ranking over 2,000 in the nation. However, one Montana High School did nearly break the TOP 200 in the nation.


Bozeman High School ranks #213 in the nation and claims the top spot in the state for best High School.

According to the study from US News, Bozeman High School scored:

  • Graduation Rate - 90%
  • College Readiness - 52.2
  • Enrollment 9-12 - 1,280

According to US News, other top high schools in the state are:

#2 Whitefish High School
  • Graduation Rate - 90-94%
  • College Readiness - 31.7
  • Enrollment 9-12 - 581

#3 Glacier High School
  • Graduation Rate - 86%
  • College Readiness - 36.3
  • Enrollment 9-12 - 1,475

Manhattan High School is at #4. Hamilton High School comes in at #5. Missoula High Schools Sentinal and Hellgate rank #6-#7.

See the full report on Montana High Schools from US News.

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