Most people don't think of the word gourmet when it comes to describing hot dogs. There is one place in Montana that is hoping to change that point of view.

When summer rolls around something gnaws at me to grab a package of hot dogs and throw them on the grill. They just scream summer to me and scores of other Montanans.

Most of us probably don't get to fancy with how we top them. Ketchup, mustard, relish and onions are pretty much the staples when it comes to topping a hot dog.

The website LoveFood said that wasn't enough to make their list of the best hot dog in each state. To make their their list you needed to go above and beyond.

Where is Montana's best Hot Dog?

The outside of Mr. Hot Dogs in Butte, MT

This unassuming place in Butte is the home to Mr. Hot Dogs where you can get the best hot dog in Montana.

Don't believe us? Well, maybe this Yelp review will change your mind.

Wow. This is hands down THE BEST hot dog place I have been to - Chicago & Milwaukee included. Don't let the $9 price scare you off. These dogs are worth every penny and then some. Dogs made especially for this place. Buns substantial enough to stand up to the mountain of toppings yet light and fluffy as a pillow. And the toppings - outstanding in quality and quantity. The proprietor is chef, cashier, & busboy, all with a smile & warmth rarely found these days. I'd give them 10 stars if I could. - Nina S.

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