People are calling XBOX and Microsoft woke for suggesting a new setting to save on energy usage, thus saving money on your power bill.  Since when was that a bad thing?

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I can't tell you how many countless times, when I was growing up, I was told not to touch the thermostat.  Or how I was constantly reminded to turn off the lights when I left a room.  You probably were told to not let the water run too long either.

"I pay the bills, not you." "Were you born in barn, close the door, you're letting all the heat out" "Money doesn't grow on trees"

All that and more was drilled into my head during my youth. So what happened? Why this sudden shift to attack anything that remotely tries to conserve energy?

Microsoft is trying to be carbon negative by 2030, and that's a good thing. I think it's even better if in their attempt they help me save a few bucks a year.

So what is Microsoft suggesting that has one side of the political aisle up in arms?  They are adding a setting on the XBOX that allows the console to receive updates and maintenance when the power grid is using more renewable energy.  It also uses a shutdown mode instead of sleep mode which can save you up to 20 times the amount of energy used.

None of these are being forced on XBOX users, they can change the settings at anytime.  But this is the era of forced outrage over anything and everything seemingly "green" or dealing with "climate change."  That's not even mentioning a multitude of other "culture war" talking points.

Sadly this just seems like a way for politicians to score time on network TV to rile up their base with some red meat and it will all be forgotten in a week. I can't wait to see what stupid thing we're mad about then.

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