Socialite Paris Hilton has sounded off about Montana Politics. HB 218 was recently passed in the Montana House and moved to be heard in the Senate. Over the weekend Paris let her support of HB 218 be know via twitter.

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Paris has become a leading voice in the reforming of laws and regulations when it comes to "private alternative adolescent residential or outdoor programs." She was sent to one of these programs as a teenager. She has also spoken out numerous times of the abuse, both physically and mentally, that she suffered while in said programs.

Sometimes celebrities lending their support to a cause is a positive thing, especially when it comes to abuse and lack of oversight regarding children. When you factor in that Paris is speaking from experience and not just injecting a baseless opinion, it becomes a bit harder to dismiss her as an out of touch celebrity.

Her tweet in the end won't probably change any ones vote on this bill, but I hope that they listen to survivors no matter who they are.

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