Sunny weather in Montana? Most people just assume Montana is in perpetual winter and we never get to see the sun. Well, we do have long winters, but the thing is we also get plenty of sun during those winter months too.

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In fact quite a bit of Montana doesn't even experience the same winter weather that other residents do.  The difference between east and west Montana when it comes to winter would shock most people who assume the whole state is just one big mountain range, and is always a hue of grey and blue.

Some cities in Montana get to experience sunny days over two thirds of the year, so if you're in need of some Vitamin D you'll find it in plenty of cities in the Treasure State.

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So how did I figure out what cities gave you the most days of sunshine? That would be the website I only went with Montana cities that were over 5,000 people for this list. I have then ranked them from the most sunny days to the least sunny days.

If we happened to have a couple of cities that tied for the same amount of sunny days, then I used the website They have complied a bunch of data and we were able to then determine the number of sunshine hours each city experiences during the year to break the tie.

We might not be Florida when it comes to sunny days, but there's plenty of sunshine to enjoy in the following cities.

Keep scrolling to see the Top 10 Sunniest Cities In Montana 👇

The Top 10 Montana Cities With The Most Sunshine

If you crave sun these are the 10 best places for you to live in Montana according to and