Another day, another strange thing in the Billing's sky. There was the Balloon that provided entertainment for days, an explosion, and now this. What is going on in the Big Sky?

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It seems like the hits just keep coming. I was perusing Reddit recently and came across this video in the UFO subreddit.

There could easily be an explanation for this phenomenon. Perhaps it's just contrails blown around in the dirt and wind. But like the great Fox Mulder once said


I don't know what is going on in the skies over Billings and Montana, but the The Breakfast Flakes Show on our sister station, Cat Country, in Billings received phone calls from people in Park City saying they saw something fall out of the sky. Soon, Facebook groups were popping up with photos of what looked like a close-up of giant earthworm falling over the Big-Sky state.

So what the heck is this thing? Are we being over taken by giant earthworm aliens? That might be cool. Although, mega worms usually tend to live underground, like in Tremors or Dune. Worms don't fly. But maybe extra-terrestrial worms do. After all, inter-space traveling, extra-terrestrial life forms are likely far more advanced that our puny human minds can comprehend.

What if this is something from another dimension? Maybe the walls between our universes are eroding away and Montana is ground zero for a portal into the Upside Down. Gosh, I really hope not.


Or maybe, as internet conspiracy theorists suggest, something more home-grown and sinister is at play.

Whatever this is, one thing is for certain- Montana's skies have offered a lot of entertainment and speculation over the last couple weeks. What are your thoughts on all of this? Sound off in the AppChat or on social media.

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