Have you ever heard the one about the naked woman that punched a detention officer?  Well, it happened right here at the Cascade County Jail.  Inmate Elizabeth Strategos was found standing outside her jail cell naked.  That's when the detention officer told her to go back inside her cell and put her clothes on.

Strategos- Jail Roster
Strategos- Jail Roster

According to charging documents,  Strategos refused to go back in her cell.  The detention officer then confronted her and that's when the inmate punched the officer in the chest with a closed fist.  That officer was injured.

Strategos was in on a disorderly conduct charge that we will get to in a moment because it is a rare one.  She is also charged today with Assault on a peace officer, a felony.  Her bond at last report, was $50,000.

It all apparently started over a glass of water.

Now on to how the disorderly conduct charge came about.  According to one source who has direct knowledge of the incident,  Strategos was in the area of Fort Shaw when she decided to exit her vehicle at a home.  She walked up to the home and asked the people living there for a drink of water.  They refused her and that's when an argument started.  Strategos began yelling at the man and women in the house. They said stop yelling or we will call the police, which they ended up doing and Strategos was taken into custody on a disorderly conduct charge.

There is more to the story.

We also learned during our investigation of this story that Strategos is apparently from Seattle, Washington.  A check of court records in that state show an Elizabeth Strategos, with the same middle name, having at least one run-in with the court system there.  It was apparently an assault charge and the latest documents in that case were filed in January of this year.

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