Springtime rings in many different things.  It may be seeing the first robin, the first gopher across the road, a first prom and graduation.  Each time it comes around, I always feel a little nostalgic about my graduation year and the actual day of walking across the gymnasium stage to receive my diploma.  It always reminds me of the things that I was doing, planning for, what music was I putting in the cassette player, and even what movies I was watching and quoting to friends.

I Now Understand What My Parents And Grandparents Meant

I am going to say it.  They don't make movies like they used to.  Like, at all.  Where are the original ideas that Hollywood came up with back then?  Great stories that were told through the cinematics of the screen and the mind.  It's not happening anymore.  Which makes even more reason that I revisit some of my favorites from back in the day.  I never thought my parents or grandparents would be so right when they said it to me.

What Were The Big Movies In My Year Of The Lord 1986?  Do You Remember?

To be fair, I couldn't remember exactly what came out in my graduation year of 1986.  I had to look them up!  But once I did, the memories of those and the events that may have been happening when they came out came rushing right back.  Having a crush on your favorite actor or actress, wanting to live like a character in the movie, dressing like a star from any sort of crazy movie that might have been hot at the time.  Let's head back in time and check my favorite 10 from that year that still make me stop when I see them on the schedule for air.  Happy nostalgia and movie night everyone!  Hit me up with your favorites from your year of graduation here.

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My Top 10 Movies From My Graduation Year Of 1986

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