Straight from Hollywood, you know the scene.  An armored truck is leaving the bank, travelling the roadway, when suddenly the doors fly open, and money is scattered across the roadway.  It causes chaos for everyone, as people attempt to stop on the roadside to grab flying money or rolls of change that are up for grabs.

It makes for a great movie scene, but what happens in real life when something like this happens?  What are you obligated to do in such a situation?

Like Hitting the Lottery, But Without Having to Buy a Ticket

Just last week, an armored vehicle in Charlotte, North Carolina dropped over $100,000 in cash on a local highway.  People could be seen scrambling to grab any amount or bill that they could.  Chaos, everywhere.  Even the police department isn't sure how to get back a large portion of the amount that was lost.

So what happens when an incident like this happens?  Can you stop and grab the flying cash to help pay for your child's tuition?

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Don't Worry, The Answer Is Pretty Cut and Dry in This Case

Don't do it!  That's what the law says.  While you are encouraged to help retrieve the money that may have been lost, you may not keep any of it.  Even though you may think it is lost and you believe in the adage of possession is nine tenths of the law.  No, you may not keep it.

Money found should be turned into the local police department.  Especially if you find it already bundled and still in a transport bag.  But even finding a single bill and keeping it can get you in trouble with Johnny Law.

Better to stick with just playing the lottery.

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