Every year at the Montana State Fair, I make it a point to stop into the Montana Museum of Railroad History Museum.

Ever since I was a little kid, I've loved trains.

I vividly remember sitting on my grandpa's lap, thumbing through train books as a kid.

This love of trains has carried into my adulthood, and needless to say, the Montana Museum of Railroad History gives me a chance to relive some of those memories.

The Story Behind the Montana Museum of Railroad History

The club's history is extensive, and the complete breakdown can be found by clicking here.

The first club meeting was held in 1954.

This meeting was a group of O-gauge modelers, the late Carl Selzer amoung them, that went on to locate space for a layout in the (former) Great Northern Ry. passenger depot's old lunchroom (south wing of the building, located at the west end of 1st Ave. So. (now the Great Falls Gas Co. building).

The Story of Pete Ellis

While at the museum during the fair, I learned that a good chunk of the display was gifted to the club by a man named Pete Ellis.

Pete was a consultant with Disney and even had a character in Toy Story Two.

Does the Villan Stinky Pete Ring a bell? Yep, that was him. 

attachment-Stinky Pete
Pete Ellis portrait
Jason Laird

Below you'll find a few pictures from the museum.

Every time I go to the museum, I discover something new.

My wife and I were invited to look behind the scenes on this last trip.

The display is even more impressive when you glimpse the wiring!

I highly encourage you to take some time and check out the display.

If you reach out to the club, they are always happy to open the museum for visitors.

Check Out The Detail!

Montana Museum of Railroad History

Pictures of the Montana Museum of Railroad History.

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