There is no definitive definition of a "perfect" football fan, as fandom is a deeply personal and subjective experience.

However, there are some qualities and behaviors that many people associate with being a dedicated and positive football fan.

  1. Passion: A perfect football fan is passionate about their team and the sport itself.
  2. Loyalty: Sticking with your team through thick and thin is a hallmark of a dedicated fan. This is tough as a Cowboys Fan!
  3. Knowledge: Good fans have a solid understanding of the game's rules, history, and strategy.
  4. Respect: Respecting the opposing team and its fans is essential. 
  5. Positive Attitude: Maintaining a positive attitude, even in the face of defeat, is a sign of a mature and gracious fan. 
  6. Sportsmanship: A good fan understands that football is a game and that games are meant to be fun.
  7. Attendance: Attending matches when possible and creating a lively atmosphere in the stadium can enhance the fan experience and support the team.
  8. Knowledge of Chants and Songs: Familiarity with team chants and songs adds to the camaraderie and spirit of being a fan.
  9. Dedication: Perfect fans show dedication by following their team even when they can't attend matches in person. They watch games on TV, follow updates online, and stay engaged with the team year-round.
  10. Moderation: While passion is essential, being a fan should not negatively affect other aspects of life, such as work, relationships, or personal well-being. 

Ultimately, being a "perfect" football fan balances passion, knowledge, sportsmanship, and respect for the game and its community.

All easier said than done I know haha.

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