When did the will of the people become an afterthought in our political arenas?  I know, kind of a stupid question.  Pretty much the answer is when said political figure is elected and starts serving their term.  The will of the people pretty much goes out the door and suddenly we are being told what the best for us is.  For instance, take the new(ish) recreational marijuana law that was enacted in January of 2022 in the state.  A legislator is now taking issue with that law and wants to send it packing back to the stone age of thinking.

Wait, We Are Going To Go Backwards Instead Of Looking Ahead?

This past Friday, March 24th, Kalispell Sen. Keith Regior(R) introduced bill SB546 which would effectively end marijuana in Montana.  While it wouldn't completely outlaw the plant in the state, it would pretty much end it's ability to help someone.  Sen. Regior proposed changes are completely outdated in today's marijuana industry.

A Rundown Of The Proposed Changes In Montana Medical & Recreational Sales

The provisions in the new bill are, quite frankly, in my opinion ludicrous.  Here is the list of changes that the Senator would like to see made for Montana:

  • Reducing the potential customer base for existing dispensaries
  • Capping the potency at 10%THC in flower products instead of 35%
  • Capping the potency for edible products at 5% instead of 10%
  • Concentrated marijuana products would be capped at 10%
  • Lowering the amount of product a medical card holder can have per month from 5 ounces to just one ounce.
  • Limiting the amount of plants able to grow in home from 2 to 1.
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Whether you do or don't imbibe in the devil's lettuce, I could care less.  The more important part of this is that a person elected by the people for the people is seemingly acting on his own morals instead of those that elected him.  What do you think?  Will this bill be passed?  Should it be?  Does Montana need a makeover already of a law that just went into effect just 15 months ago?  Let us know on our socials, with the app below or email me here.

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