I am guilty of something that I need to tell you and everyone else; I forget that not everyone is from Montana.  That not everyone grew up in Big Sky Country enjoying all that she offers us every single day.  Therefore, I apologize to all of my out of state friends and family that I automatically assume have grown up doing something in the great outdoors.  Unfortunately, not everyone has that opportunity.  Climbing the mountains of our state is one of those things.

Getting Your Outdoors on and Enjoying What Central Montana Has to Offer

Many times, hiking is the main feature that is spoken about when enjoying our outdoors.  But there is also a small group across the state and Great Falls that like to get a little more of the adrenaline going by going up, way up.  The side of a mountain or cliff overhang.  Via ropes, ties, or perhaps even a crampon if you decide to brave some of the ice falls available to climb.  Ready to hit the walls?

Here Is Your Lifeline Rope, Where to Head in Great Falls and the Area

There are several different groups available in Great Falls and central Montana.

Here are a few to get you started or continuing your journey to climbing in our area.  Remember to always have a buddy when you head out, make sure to let people know where you are planning your climb and stick to your plan!

  1. We'll start out simple.  Getting into the cave systems of Montana might not seem like hanging off the side of a mountain by ropes, but it will give you a great idea of the terrain and types of rocks in the area that you will be facing.  Check out this group of cavers at the Northern Rocky Mountain Grotto Association to find out more.
  2. Finding likeminded people that enjoy your sport is important.  In Great Falls we are fortunate to have the Hiline Climbing Center to help with that and getting you prepared for that climb.  Whether you are a novice or a seasoned climber, you can find what you are looking for with them.
  3. One of the most informative and thorough websites on climbing overall is that of the Mountain Project.  Offering everything you can want or need when it comes to climbing in the state of Montana, including popular routes, highest rated peaks, best weather conditions for climbing and more.

When it's time to get out there, central Montana offers 4 mountain ranges, all within an easy drive from Great Falls.  Popular sites across Montana include "The Thrill Is Gone", "The Mutt & Jeff", even the popular "Bowling For Buicks" is always available.

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