Sometimes I find myself looking over the MILLION choices I have to watch and entertain myself. Nothing is on Netflix, or Hulu. I went through everything on Paramount, Disney, and Shudder.

I always end up finding something that I've seen a hundred times, but I'm okay with it because it's something I truly love. Usually it's on a day when the family is out doing something and I'm by myself. When they are around, I usually watch what they want because it's generally pretty entertaining and my picks are always boring, too long or so old that nobody but me can pay attention. The cool thing about it is I'm always referring back to my giant VHS collection if I can't find it streaming.

Maybe you've heard of these films or maybe even have seen them, These films are all from a different time and place that I can always relate to and I hope you get a kick out of seeing all these previews.

Escape From Alcatraz (1979)

I first saw this film on late night TV sometime in the 1990's. This movie based on a true story starring Clint Eastwood of a group of men escaping Alcatraz and never found drew me in with the prison break planning and the emotional end.

Dog Day Afternoon (1975)

Sydney Lumet and Al Pacino team up for this amazing story of a man stressed out by the pressures of life and deciding to rob a bank. The LGBTQ element in the story line was way ahead of it's time in portraying the love between two human beings. This was one of the movies I saw that changed my perspective on how cinema and stories are portrayed.

 Bullitt (1968)

Peter Yates and Steve McQueen tell a tale of a hard boiled San Fransisco Police lieutenant protecting a witness in a murder investigation. One of the most iconic car chase scenes in all of film history is filmed right in the streets of San Fransisco. I'd like to thank my grandfather 'Speedy' Lee for showing this marvelous movie to me.

Serpico (1973)

Another Syndey Lumet/ Al Pacino story based on the true life story a Detective against an army of corrupt cops in 1960's New York City. Characters, Story line, and cinematography tie this together to be a legendary film.

The Treasure of The Sierra Madre (1948)

On the suggestion of my father one evening, I watched this amazing movie on Turner Classic Movies when I was in high school and it became my favorite movies of all time.

John Huston directs his father Walter Huston, Humphery Bogart and Tim Holt in the ultimate film of luck, opportunity and greed, where three men ride into the hills of Mexico to dig out a fortune in gold. Will they make it out and fulfill their wildest dreams? You'll have to watch it.

Hopefully this gives you some Ideas for a great movie night this weekend or any occasion.

Let us know your all-time favorites with a comment on social media.

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