In recent history, as everyone knows, Montana passed the legalization of recreational cannabis. It took some time to get that all in order, people are happy and the state has great deal of money coming in from the taxes. On a state level, it's a pretty good system.


Although on a federal level it's still illegal, the government has given it to the states to determine legality on that level.

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According to an article from The Marijuana Harold, a U.S Congress member has put forth the "Stop Pot Act".

United States Congressman Chuck Edwards from North Carolina has put forth the "Stop Pot Act" which would withhold federal funding from states and tribes that have legalized recreational cannabis on a state level.

According to the article, this would withhold 10% federal highway funds for all states that "violate" the federal Controlled Substance Act.

The Marijuana Harold included a quote from North Carolina Congressman Edwards in regards to what he is proposing.

“The laws of any government should not infringe on the overall laws of our nation, and federal funds should not be awarded to jurisdictions that willfully ignore federal law”

The Congressman Continued,

“During a time when our communities are seeing unprecedented crime, drug addiction, and mental illness, the Stop Pot Act will help prevent even greater access to drugs and ease the strain placed on our local law enforcement and mental health professionals who are already stretched thin.”

Montana is one of 23 states that have legalized cannabis, and would be in the cross-hairs for less federal funding in the future if it's passed on a federal level.

What are your thought as a Montanan on losing federal money over the state legalization of cannabis?

Is a congressman trying for government overreach?

Let us know on social media.

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