We or at least most of us loathe the sight if pesky weed in our lawns and gardens.

We pull them, water, pull them again and all we want is a nice clean garden to admire, or a spot to grow wonderful fruits and veggies without seeing another weed taking up valuable space.

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There are many options for eliminating weeds. People pull them, burn them and search the hardware stores or the internet for an appropriate chemical to spray.


However, some people are not willing to use certain chemicals due to groundwater issues, pets, and some gardens are just too delicate for harsh chemicals.

According to ecogardener.com there are things in your house that are very helpful outside of your house without the potential harm manufactured have on things.

White Vinegar

White Vinegar has an abundance of acetic acid which kills weeds. using this with a combo of soap can double as a insecticide. just be careful this kills all plants, and use on a dry week with no rain to prevent dilution.


Boiling Water

This one is the most simple and economic plan to get rid of those weeds, if the roots are exposed to high temperatures they die. Pour directly after boiling occurs and be careful transporting hot liquids for your safety.


Lemon Juice

Acid is a natural enemy to weeds. One can go outside and pour the lemon juice directly over the plant and the juice will dry the roots up and you can say bye bye to nuisance weed while enjoying a cold drink.


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