There are many ways to experience Montana.

One could take a hike for the afternoon or the weekend just about anywhere and have a pretty good time in the process, many roadside attractions to get involved in such as mineral digging, ghost towns and there is also an abandoned prison one can go to with a car museum attached. It's all a pretty good time.

Hunting trips can always be arranged but it's only designated for a certain time of year.

There's one thing a person can do pretty much all the time here in Montana and that is good ol' fishing.

It's one of the most simple things a person can do and once you have the permits and some gear, it's practically free to do.

Who doesn't like free fun?

I have some tips for a great fishing trip if you are new to it and just want to try it out.

Don't Think About It Too Much
When planning a trip grab some essentials along with your gear. Worrying too much about bait, hooks and whatnot takes away from the joy of just dropping in a line. Grab a regular fresh water lure and head out.


Find A Local Spot

Many a times in Montana a fishing hole is either a few blocks away from your house, or just on the edge of town. Find a nice quiet spot to set a line in or around town before getting too ambitious in more rural parts. It's easier to know the difference between public and private land. If you want to head out of town, you can find maps at the local Fish, Wildlife and Parks office.


Maybe Try A Spinner Rod

Hey, Fly Fishing is pretty cool, rewarding, and it calms the nerves working on ones technique, Spinner rods are a great place to start to get the feel of fishing with out focusing on flow and proper technique. you can worry about that later.


Have Fun

This is probably the most important part. Fishing with friends can get frustrating when YOU'RE not catching fish, we've all been there. Just trust the process, take a breath and cast out again. You'll catch more fish when your having fun.


Don't Be That Guy! Top 10 Montana Unwritten Camping Rules.

Don't do these things while camping. Be the cool camping dude, not the other dude.