Since cannabis was legalized in Montana, everyone has been celebrating and getting used to having it around legally. It's been pretty cool for those who partake.

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Since it's legal, people may just have it laying around, in a pocket or in a bag that they have traveled with. I can imagine it would be easy to just have a random bag or a pre-roll, or an edible zipped up somewhere for future use and that may translate to someone having it in a carry-on bag during a traveling situation.

Is it a big deal to have a little bit of the dank stuff on you, or in your bag traveling by plane from a state that has legal cannabis such as Montana?


Although it's legal in the states, it's still federally illegal as a schedule 1 drug along side heroin and LSD according to the Drug Enforcement Agency.

It probably wouldn't be a good idea to be holdin' on a commercial aircraft.

In the United States, It's a felony charge to cross state lines with any type of scheduled drug or illegal object and that will land you in some serious hot water. But, these days with so many states legalizing cannabis, law enforcement at times might be chill about a person having a little weed on them from another state.

I wouldn't count on this as advice to cross state lines with it, every state is different and you could still get in trouble.

If the TSA finds anything on you, more than likely they will confiscate it from you and just throw it away. They want you to get through the line as much as you do.


They will warn you of the ramifications of possessing a controlled substance across state lines. There's also a good chance they would get law enforcement involved as well.

If you are unsure, just double check pockets and you bag for extra weed.

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