The Petition To Reinstate Sandra Merchant's Election Duties Has Failed

How many articles have I written about Sandra Merchant? I found 7 articles about her, of which 6 were written by me:

In December 2023, Election Duties Were Stripped From Merchant

From The River: The Cascade County Commissioners stripped her of her duties in December 2023, and by February 2024, the new Cascade Country Elections Administrator was announced, Terry Thompson.

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December 2023, Supporters of Merchant Threatened Cascade County With A Lawsuit

From the Great Falls Tribune: 

“We’re gonna have to pay a lot of money to sue you, so thank you for making me sue my county.  This was a communist move, to take our right to vote away.” said Julie Bass, who has worked closely with the Elections Office during Merchant’s tenure.

Julie Bass.  Remember her from the 3rd-vote-on-Marijuana-in-Montana days?  Bless her heart. She couldn't get pot banned and they couldn't get Sandra Merchant put back into a position she clearly couldn't handle.

Push To Poll Cascade County Voters On Returning Merchant To Elections Fails

As reported by Montana Free Press, 7,300 signatures were needed to bring it to the voters of Cascade County. Jeni Dodd, Great Falls resident who spearheaded the petition, reported to Montana Free press that they were able to get less than 2,000 signatures.  Dodd was quoted in her email as saying, "It wasn’t that folks weren’t interested. I believe the failure was mainly a matter of timing and circumstance.”

Isn't it interesting how it was just timing and circumstance.  Seems to always be some kind of freaky circumstance with these people when we tell them no, over and over again.  Maybe the timing is Cascade County wants free and fair elections under ANY circumstance.

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Important Elections Happen This Year For Our County

There are new districts for voters in local representative races, and some new people who seem to be causing lots of headaches for our county and city are up for reelection.  If we all do our job and research candidates and research WHAT'S REALLY HAPPENING, we can run this clown show out of our county and get back to making it a better place to live in Montana.

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