Word Finder did a very UNscientific study and has concluded that Montana is the most polite state in the union.

How did they conduct this study?

They did a study of our Google searches.  Turns out Montana searched the word please over 270,000 times in 2022.  They say that makes us polite.  (I sure hope it wasn't to find out what it means or how to spell it.)

I'm wondering if the transplants googled it to see what we mean when we say that.  Now I'm just being rude.  I digress.

I have always said Montana is a state that's big on manners.  We wave, we have a very unique way of responding in a conversation that usually includes a person's first name, we give the head nod to strangers on the street, we hold doors open, we help if someone is having car trouble and I could go on and on.  In fact, using manners in everyday life is one of the unspoken rules of Montana.

The other states that come in high with politeness on their google searches are Vermont, Alabama, Minnesota, Delaware and Wyoming.

What state registers as the rudest state in the union with their google searches?  All together now, CALIFORNIA.  In a state loaded with people, only ten googled a polite term, thanks so much.  Now that's a low low number.

Keep those manners in your pocket, Montana.  We have a lot to love under this big sky of ours.  The outstanding character of our people sometimes gets overshadowed by the spectacular views, but not today.

Manners Are A Big Part Of Unspoken Montana Rules

Unspoken Rules of Montana