Recently we have had a few unidentified things in our air spaces. Some confirmed and some not so confirmed. People in other countries have claimed some of these objects like the infamous white balloon earlier this year that was shot down 12 miles out and recovered.

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However, some have never been explained due to the developments still coming forward from over the weekend like the three objects that were flying over the US and Canada.

I saw some possible found footage on the internet of some jets following a low flying object.


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They could be just mere weather and informational balloons, But what if they are instruments of an extraterrestrial nature? What if life from other worlds are scanning the life on our planet and vetting whether to make contact? It seems outlandish, but I'd like to think they are.


What if in the chance that they are things from another world, and we have to communicate? No matter how many different scenarios that science fiction movies present, I feel human life will never be fully prepared to meet an individual from another world.

If a outer planetary object were to be confirmed, the way we would go about would be different if it landed here in the USA compared to Russia, North Korea, China and we would have to choose wisely on how we go about making contact. Could we pick just one person to make first contact or would it be a group thing? I imagine it would take months or even years to decide this to avoid major catastrophe for Earth only brought upon by ourselves.


I feel like we as a planet at this political temperature could not decide on forms of communication of whether or not we would do anything with it.

Let us know if you have an on how you would go about communicating first contact with an extra terrestrial being, Nick Northern suggests that to maybe not give them an initial handshake.



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