Wow, it's finally spring time in Montana. I know spring technically started on March 20th but in Montana, March and even most of April is still winter, with a day or two of nice weather here and there which tricks poor fools into thinking the warmth will actually last— always beware of false spring.

Now we get to put that behind us and look forward to summer and all the awesome concerts that happen during that time of year. Kicking off Montana's concert season is the second annual Music in the Missions, a music festival on Saturday, June 17th from 3pm to 11pm at the St. Ignatius Park & Amphitheater. Tickets are available here.

The festival is headlined by Kenny Feidler and The Cowboy Killers, which has a mix of "dark and stormy cowboy lyrics with a heavy rock and roll band," and has grown in popularity from "playing music behind the bucking chutes and selling CD's from the trunk of his old Cadillac to touring nationally and gaining over 55 million streams and counting," according the the Facebook page for the event. Below is a video of the band performing their song "Bloodshot".

There's other great bands and artists taking the stage as well, including Kellen Smith, The Nate Champion Band, and Montana's own Tanner Laws. Food and beverages will be available from the participating food trucks, so there's no need to watch these performances on an empty stomach. If you're a fan of live music, giddy on up to Saint Ignatius for this hoedown of a music festival.

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