Recently, we came across a poll that said 30% of respondents thought Montana was located in the Midwest. That anyone would think Montana is in the Midwest is surprising. But it does beg the question, where is Montana? The Pacific Northwest? The West?

Having lived on both the East and West sides of the state, my personal vote would be to put Montana in the West with states like Wyoming, Colorado, Idaho, and Utah.

But if people are going to lump us in with the Midwest, can we at least have some of the benefits of the Midwest? Like some of their stores and restaurants? Here are 9 I'd pick.


Michigan has over 100 stores, South Dakota has 5, you'd think Montana could get at least one, right? The grocery chain is known for low prices but is also making headlines for cutting prices by half this Thanksgiving.

Caribou Coffee

The Turtle Mocha is so popular you'll find recipes on Pinterest.


The brand is based in Michigan, but for how many Montanans wear Chacos like they're a second pair of feet, it seems like a location here would do well.


The butter burgers and custard rival other fast food (we're looking at you, In-N-Out).

Erbert & Gerbert's

You can never have enough sandwich shops if you ask me.


Get some Caribou, 24-hour Chinese food, and workout? What's the downside?

Kwik Trip

It may not be Buc-ee's but the convenience stores are more like a mini-mart.


One type of food that I think Montana doesn't have a lot of is great places to get a hot dog. Enter Portillo's.

Steak and Shake

The burgers are great, but the milkshakes are the real treat.

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