With the picturesque scenery that Montana is known for, it would only make sense that we would have some beautiful settings for eateries. There is one restaurant that stands high above others, literally, in Montana for the "Most Beautiful". It isn't open all year round and you can't just drive there.

Before we get to the "Most Beautiful Restaurant" in Montana, check out the "10 Best Steakhouses in Montana".

10 Best Steakhouses in Montana

If you live in Montana, you have to love a good steak dinner now and then. Luckily, here in Montana, we have steakhouses that spread far and wide throughout the state. If you are traveling through Montana or vacationing around the state, give one of these places a try.

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Montana's 'Most Beautiful Restaurant'

According to People Magazine's "50 Most Beautiful Restaurants in America in 2024", Montana's "Most Beautiful Restaurant" is located in Big Sky at the ski resort. It is Everett's 8800. This restaurant is unique because it is only open during Montana's ski season and you need to access it by chairlift. If you wanted to take a trip and try it out this summer you are out of luck. You, along with everyone else, will need to wait for December when they are planning on opening again for the season.

Your Reservation Comes With a Lift Ticket

Everett's 8800 is located at "8,800 feet above sea level", that explains the name. They take reservations 30 days in advance, and reservations fill up fast. That would make sense too, with them being open a few months out of the year. Your reservation comes with a lift ticket to ride the chairlift up to the restaurant.

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Over the years I have spent some time at Big Sky, but it has always been in the summer, so I haven't had the pleasure of eating at Everett's 8800, yet. Looking at the pictures it does look like one of the most unique and beautiful restaurants, not only in Montana, but in the country too.

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