The University of Montana athletic department wouldn't be the same without that adorable little rascal Monte Bear. Monte has been and important part of every game, appearance, and parade in Western Montana. Monte has been entertaining crowds of all ages for over three decades.

Let's Get Monte Into The Hall Of Fame

Monte now has a chance to be recognized and become a member of the "Mascot Hall of Fame". This is where you can help Monte on his journey. You can cast your votes for Monte to be entered into the "Mascot Hall Of Fame" starting this Sunday May 12th right here.

Monte Deserves It

Monte has had an extensive resume and has been recognized nationally for his amazing ability to get the crowds going from acrobatics, riding motorcycles, and just being an amazing ambassador for the University of Montana. Monte went on to win the "Capital One Mascot of the Year" twice, in 2002 and again in 2004. In 2024 Monte got runner-up at The College Classic National Championship.

"Monte Bear" With Chris and Ahsley
Credit: Chris Wolfe
Special Olympics Athletes with Monte Bear and Smokey Bear
Credit: Chris Wolfe

Barry Anderson, who may be the most famous person, to put on the Monte costume,  went on to become "Benny The Bull" for the NBA Chicago Bulls for twelve years. He retired from being their mascot in 2016. Barry hasn't totally stopped playing mascots. He reportedly played the "Pop Tart" this past January as part of the "Pop Tart Bowl" college football game between Kansas State and NC State, this according to

Playing a mascot isn't an easy thing to do. I have had the honor of playing a mascot for a time or two. I won't tell you what costumes I wore, or when, I don't want to ruin the illusion. I can tell you that every person that Monte comes into contact with leaves with a smile on their face. Every time I have encountered Monte, not only do I smile like a little kid, but I feel like a little kid, and that is a special kind of magic. So let's get together and get "Monte Bear" into the Mascot Hall of Fame.

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