Loose Animals All Over

Do you remember the zebras bound for Montana that got free in Washington?


One of them was free for a total of 6 days and was finally captured in a residential area. Honestly, she put so much effort into escaping and evading, I figured maybe she deserved her freedom. She had rodeo professionals trying to chase her down but managed to keep escaping.

Apparently, the people who paid for her actually wanted their money's worth. After her capture, she was transported to her new home in Opportunity, Montana.

Newsworthy Equines

Well, those same zebras are in the news again. Turns out, the woman who purchased the zebras never got the required health certifications for them. They are now in quarantine and the owner could be fined or imprisoned for not following proper procedure. The owner runs a petting zoo in the Anaconda area.

Show Us The Memes

Our favorite part of the whole fiasco were the memes created around the topic. Altered images show Shug getting takeout, riding a ferry across Puget Sound, and rounding the bases at T-Mobile Park. Just search "loose zebra meme" on Google, and you'll find some gems.

Hope For The Future

We wait with bated breath to see if DadChats has anything to say about this.


@dadchatsSad day for America. Long live Stripey.♬ original sound - dadchats

We truly hope that Shug has a good life in her new home, once she and her pals are sprung out of quarantine. Hopefully, they will be less of a petting zoo spectacle and more loved and cherished.

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