What were the best rock albums of the 2000s?

The 2000s were an interesting period in the evolution of rock music. The decade started with the domination of nu-metal taking over with bands such as Linkin Park, Disturbed and Papa Roach making their mark. But it was a decade that also saw an emo revolution a few years in, a pocket of breakout garage rock bands and a pop-punk surge as well.

With such a wealth of styles competing for attention, there really was no lengthy period of dominance for any particular rock style, leading to more diversity than had been seen in previous decades.

It was also a time in which the arrival of Napster and the influx of social media changed how we all consumed and discovered music as well. Emo in particular saw social media platforms such as MySpace and Facebook become viable new ways to meet their audience, which translated to eventual mainstream success.

It was a decade of JNCO jeans, emo swooped hair, goth looks and attire and more as youths sought to have their look identify with their musical tastes.

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Simply put, there was a lot of great music to choose from in the 2000s, and in this feature we salute the 40 best rock albums of the 2000s. So take a trip down memory lane as we reflect on the decade's best below.

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