With Jay Weinberg out of Slipknot as of Nov. 5, there has been an outpouring of support for the erstwhile drummer while fan attention also begins to shift toward who will replace him and be selected as the band's third drummer?

With a public exit from one band and a since-deleted social media post, fans have dialed in on one drummer in particular, which is all recapped in a new video by tech/tour manager/YouTuber/streamer Tank the Tech.

With more insight into the industry than the hordes of speculating fans, Tank the Tech takes a diplomatic but informed approach to addressing the latest rumor regarding Slipknot's new drummer.

Who Do Fans Think Slipknot's New Drummer Might Be?

All eyes are currently on drummer Jeramie Kling, who recently stepped down from Venom Inc. due to "logistical reasons" and has been in a number of extreme metal bands.

In the video, Tank displays a screenshot of one of Kling's Instagram posts, which was taken down shortly after it went up.

The post was a photo with a black background and deep red Slipknot logo with the stylized S behind it. The caption read, "Drumming is simply a matter of timing. Bring it to you. Invite the chaos."

What Could Jeramie Kling's Post Have Meant?

Deleting a post about members of the band has become somewhat customary for Slipknot. When dismissing Craig Jones earlier this year, the band issued a statement on social media and deleted the posts once the news had spread. After announcing they split with Weinberg, Slipknot deleted those posts as well.

Now, in a post concerning a role as a member of Slipknot, Kling shared something and deleted it.

Maybe it's just coincidence. And if Kling is going to be Slipknot's new drummer, perhaps the reveal was accidental.

Regarding the caption, this can be interpreted a couple of different ways. One fan asks Tank if Slipknot are inferring that Weinberg's time ran out, but he doubts this is any sort of strategic messaging to make that type of statement.

One could also speculate that there were performative issues with Weinberg's timekeeping abilities or that, since drummers often bounce from band to band, that your next big opportunity can come down to a matter of luck and good timing.

Another fan wonders if this is a silent audition with Kling publicly putting his name out there, hoping it will catch the eyes and ears of Slipknot. However, deleting the post so quickly seems to be at odds with the silent audition theory.

Tank also notes that in addition to being a metal drummer, Kling has experience touring with artists as an audio engineer. It is possible that Kling has signed on as part of Slipknot's road crew in some capacity.

In the video below, Tank asserts at the end that this is all speculation and he can say with no certainty that Kling is indeed tied to Slipknot.

"We might be on to something. And, again, we might not be. This might be crazy tinfoil hat lunacy," he adds with a laugh.

Tank the Tech Breaks Down Rumors Surrounding Slipknot's New Drummer

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More About Jeremie Kling

Kling first entered the scene with The Absence, a melodic death metal band from Tampa, Florida, who released their debut album From Your Grave in 2005.

He has been a rather in-demand drummer for nearly two decades now, also currently in Ex Deo, Inhuman Condition, Invictus, Kill Division, Necromancing the Stone, Ribspreader, Infernaeon, Goregang and Eyes of Purgatory, with past stints in Massacre, and Wombbath.

Primarily a death metal drummer, Kling is arguably most known for his time in Venom Inc. the offshoot band originally formed by Venom legends Mantas (guitar) and Abaddon (drums), alongside former Venom frontman Tony Dolan.

From 2018-2023, Kling played with Venom Inc. under the alias War Machine and is featured on their 2022 album There's Only Black.

Last week, Kling shared a message explaining that he had parted ways with Venom Inc., which can be read in full below.

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