If you're a Montanan who loves coffee...and I mean GOOD coffee...you need one of these. It's a hardcore, durable French Press coffee thermos, and it's massive. Seriously you can throw it in your rucksack on a hunting trip or drop it in the back of your pickup and you're ready to roll.

I had the honor of serving as emcee for the Warrior Taste Fest in Bozeman earlier this year. In addition to the restaurants, the distilleries and the breweries on hand- I got to meet the crew from 82 Coffee Company in Dillon, Montana for the first time.

While I was chatting with Cris Lagunas from 82 Coffee Company, another guy came up. It was Jess Nepstad. He is the "chief adventure officer" for a company called "Planetary Design" based in Bonner, Montana. His company sells the French Press thermos' that you can see above with the 82 Coffee Company logo.

Anyway, we had Cris on the radio with us for Veterans Day so I have been working to perfect my formula with the French Press and this thing is cool. You wouldn't want to take one of those fancy glass French Presses with you camping- you'll want to take this one with you.

I don't know about you, but when I went through Army basic training I realized the one thing I really didn't like going without was coffee- so I'll take ANY coffee over NO coffee, but I appreciate really good coffee.


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