All I can say is, if Costco was nearly completely out of these things, I'm assuming you might have trouble finding one of these after that freakish cold snap we just got hit with. And it's not just Montana, it's all the way down to Texas.

We were lucky enough to find a good used car for our oldest son to drive. He paid for it with his own money at a part time job. It's a good car, but I think this latest sub-zero cold snap finally killed the battery.

When we went to buy a new battery, the base model was sold out (more coming later this week) so we opted for the better battery. Apparently those are very reliable in cold weather anyway, so it's probably for the better. If Costco was nearly out of these things, I imagine other places are too.

I'll bet this crazy cold that was down to 59 below zero in one Montana town zapped batteries all across the state and region.


Even though it finally got above zero this afternoon, the lack of sun and the wind sure made it seem like it was still bitter cold as we installed the new battery. When will the weather break?

According to the National Weather Service office in Billings, the city of Billings finally got above zero on Tuesday morning. This means the city was sub zero for 110 hours. Warmer weather is already moving in, and with that- snow for parts of the state.



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