Why are there so many car wash businesses popping up all over the place? I hear this complaint in Billings all the time- but apparently it is a question people all over the state are asking. Here's the answer.

First- here's my unpopular opinion.

I don't think we have too many car washes in Billings. I am glad that there is a new car wash location in my neighborhood so I don't have to drive all the way across town to wash my pickup. This is Montana. We like to get outdoors and get dirty. We also like to wash our vehicles.

But...since so many people seem to wonder why car wash locations are popping up all over the place in Montana- I thought this story from Zero Hedge appears to give us the answer. (Thanks to Greg Franks for sharing this story by the way)

Tyler Durden has this piece at ZeroHedge.com: The Great American Car Wash Boom

We were gifted some insight as to why this is happening last week, when Bloomberg revealed that the models are "fueled by private equity" and "subscription based". In other words, catnip to investors.

So there you go- all you people who complain about car washes apparently are vastly outnumbered by the people who not only like car washes...but will pay a monthly subscription for their car wash.

As Durden also notes- some cities are BANNING new car wash businesses.

I, for one, appreciate the subscription service at my local car wash. For about $20, I can clean the vehicle whenever I want to practically. And let's be honest- anymore, one single car wash alone can cost you $20 in Billings.

What do our friends in smaller town Montana think? I remember the one car wash we had in small town Northeast Montana when I was kid. Are more moving in? Let us know on the app, or message me at aaron (at) montanatalks.com

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