Heroes and Horses was granted $500,000 to help heal even more veterans in the future. 

This Montana non-profit assists veterans post-tour to help aid their healing journey. They've been inviting vets to come to the ranch to heal their heavy hearts for years, and now it's getting bigger and better. Here's a direct quote from Chloe Garrison, development director for Heroes and Horses

“Horses offer our students an honest reflection of their internal experiences, bringing a variety of emotions, beliefs and past experiences to the surface."

Credit: Heroes and Horses
Credit: Heroes and Horses

The M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust granted $500,000 to Heroes and Horses

Jill Lemke, program director at the M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust said this,

Many organizations are working diligently to support veterans returning from war. And yet, veterans are still at significant risk of suicide, domestic violence, crime and more. They need our help. We are grateful to organizations like Heroes and Horses that are introducing an innovative and transformational approach to support veterans working to heal and transition back into civilian life, and we are proud to support their work.”  

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The nonprofit works partly out of Belgrade, Montana, and partly out of its 3,500-acre Double H Ranch south of Bozeman near Virginia City.

Construction is currently underway to expand the ranch and modernize the equine facilities. The next step is to build a place for the veterans to stay while on their 41- day healing journey on the ranch.

The vets "engage in rigorous physical exercise and a program of meditation and mind/body care while maintaining an anti-inflammatory, whole-foods diet. They practice their ranch skills by working at the Double H ranch. The program culminates in an 11-day pack trip and a day hike up Mt. Sacajawea outside Bozeman."

If you'd like to know more about Heroes and Horses, click here.

And of course share this with your military family and friends and see if they would like to be a part of this very unique, healing journey.

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