There's so many things to love about Montana, everything from the beautiful scenery to the delicious beers. I'm Mr. Montana Pride here, I just might change my name to prove it, please don't dare me. Though there is one thing about Montana that hurts me to my very core, and I do mean my stomach. The food options. I truly don't mean to disparage Montana's restaurants because there are plenty of great ones out there, mostly steakhouses. In terms of international food, however, that's a bit sparse. But I have an idea...

Fast food can come to our rescue. That's a weird thing to write, but you know how fast food places have menu items that are only available in certain countries? Well if fast food places offered those items here, I could try foods that's hard to get anywhere near me. Here are some currently-unavailable-fast-food items I'd like to eat in Montana:

Pizza Hut Chicken Tikka Pizza - India

According to the Oxford dictionary tikka is "dish of small pieces of meat or vegetables marinated in a spice mixture," and it's typically spicy. Anyway I can't pronounce it but I absolutely need to try it.

Starbucks Matcha Green Tea - Japan

People say matcha tea is good for hangovers, that would definitely come in handy here in Montana.

McSphagetti - The Philippines

It turns out Montanan's have a thing for pasta, who knew?  Maybe we'd like it more than the guy who tried it in the video below.

McFalafel - Egypt

I can't think of anywhere I can get a falafel, please McDonald's come in clutch for us.

Burger King Spam and Cheese - Japan

Yeah, Burger King can keep those as far away from me as possible.

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