To an outsider, Montana can be kind of a mysterious place. There's a lot of questions an average Montanan fields on a daily basis in person and now on the internet. As much as we would like to answer questions about our great state all day, there's work to be done and it's the same questions over and over again.

I'm here today to address some, not all of the weird questions we get all the time. I went to the Montana subreddit just now and found a bunch of inquiries from people and some that Montanans addressed without anyone asking beforehand.

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It's 2022, but everyone still asks if we still ride on horseback. Yes and no. People still ride on horseback all over the state, but we all do indeed have cars. I drive my Honda Accord to work everyday and drive it carefully as not to get it caught in the snow.

Road rage isn't needed in this state. On average, but not everyone, drives 25 MPH everywhere, even in a 45 zone. Traffic sometimes goes slow, but it flows. You'll get there, eventually.

The Flathead Lake Monster

From reports of people seeing it, The Flathead Lake Monster is a 25 foot sturgeon.


Weather changes in an instant. Always pack warm weather gear in your car.

4 wheel drive will not save you from an icy ditch, drive with care.


Bears are a real thing in Montana, If you choose to go off the beaten path, Stay safe, know your terrain and keep bear spray on you.


Extraterrestrials are definite thing here in Montana, especially in Cascade County. We have the air base here in town and people have reported sightings of weird craft since the 1950's. We even make the gallery below.

If you have more Montana Myths, comment to us on social media. And we have some Montana myths and creature TikToks below.

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