In Montana, it's one of our worst fears. Grizzly Bear attacks are a real worry when we are out enjoying the Big Sky State. That fear came to life for these motorcycle trail riders.

I've watched this video probably over one hundred times and it still gives me chills up my spine. We can't be sure that the event in the video actually takes place in Montana, but I wouldn't be the least bit surprised. Grizzly attacks are a real fear around these parts. It's to the point where we almost have to joke about it with all the tourists and transplants coming. They are way more scared of bear attacks as opposed to a longtime Montana resident. At this point, I should have created a high-end, designer bear spray to sell for $300 that caters exclusively to Californians. I would have retired by now. I digress.

Grizzly Bear attacks are no laughing matter. Here is a perfect example. In the video, you can clearly see one of the motorcycle riders either dumped his bike due to an oncoming bear attack or had already dumped it and noticed a charging Griz. Dude, my heart would have exploded through my skull, which would have been convenient for the bear because that's exactly (I assume) how it would have extracted it.

While the trail rider was running for his life, his friend's quick thinking literally saved his life. As soon as they noticed the charging apex predator they started revving their engines. This loud and strange/scary noise caught the bear off guard and sent him running in the opposite way completely saving the rider, and probably their life as well.  You have to see the video to believe it.


Now, this is your daily Montana reminder. Please adhere to any and all safety precautions if you plan on enjoying in Griz Country. That means both the outdoors and Missoula in general.

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